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Nonstandard bearing
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    Our company is a bearings manufacturer who is specialized in small and the special structure bearing , the product size scope from 4MM to 35MM, our products are widely used in power tool, office automation equipment,fitness equipment, textile equipment, gear, electrical products,home electric appliances, motorcycle manufacture, system pumping industry, elevators, electric cars, engines, slide slides the ice skates,MaJiang machine, garden tools, forwarding equipment and so on.
    The company has a set of perfect quality control system, and have passed the ISO9002 quality system verification. We have a good team spirit and quality awareness. We strive for perfection, providesthe high-quality service and the product to each customer. We deeply believed that excellent products and good service, customer satisfaction is the enterprise's life of survival. 
    Fast delivery, reasonable prices, quality assurance is our commitment to our customers. A sincere hope that there will be opportunities to provide our good services for the needs of bearing manufacturers